Riskified and Aurus Partner to Offer Secure Payment Solutions Backed by Best-in-Class Chargeback Guarantee

Aug 22, 2022

Merchants using AurusPay can now access Riskified’s machine-learning, end-to-end risk management solution

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 2022-- Riskified Ltd., (NYSE:RSKD), a fraud management platform enabling frictionless eCommerce, and Aurus, Inc., a unified payments platform, today announced a partnership which will enable merchants to effectively manage their payments through all channels and enjoy the protection of a risk management solution with a full chargeback guarantee.

Merchants using Aurus now have access to Riskified’s proprietary automated risk-based decisioning solution, which takes on the merchant’s liability for fraud. Powered by rich transaction data networked across hundreds of merchants, Riskified’s machine-learning platform enables greater accuracy and the ability to stay ahead of evolving fraud trends. Riskified has a proven track record of helping merchants increase revenue and reduce costs.

A recent Forrester TEI study found that a composite Riskified customer using the solution generated $71.3M in total benefits, including savings of $13.1 million in chargeback costs over a three-year period. Merchants interviewed for the study also noted that since adopting Riskified, their fraud operations teams were able to shed between 75%-88% of their workloads, largely from manual review and updates, and can now focus on more meaningful work.

“Aurus aims to be the preferred one-stop solution to simplify the payments process for retailers,” said Rahul Mutha, CEO of Aurus Payments. “Delivering return on investment for merchants is our mainstay goal. Our partnership with Riskified will deliver returns to merchants by bringing together the best of both omnichannel payments and fraud management, enabling merchants to offer innovative and efficient customer experiences.”

“We’re excited to partner with Aurus and expand our reach to merchants in many different geographies,” said Kevin Sprake, VP of Global Partnerships at Riskified. “Using Aurus and Riskified allows merchants to securely and seamlessly grow their omnichannel business at any scale, drive significant cost savings and maximize revenue.”

Aurus is a semi-integrated platform that powers payment acceptance across more than 25 countries, relieving merchants of the burdens related to managing the complexity of payments. Aurus offers POS, in-store, mobile, and eCommerce solutions. Riskified’s leading risk management platform leverages insights from a global merchant network to identify the individual behind each online transaction. Riskified has reviewed over one billion transactions from the world’s largest merchants and has over 400 million unique consumers across 180 countries.

About Riskified

Riskified empowers businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. We have built a next-generation eCommerce risk management platform that allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their consumers. Leveraging machine learning that benefits from a global merchant network, our platform identifies the individual behind each online interaction, helping merchants—our customers—eliminate risk and uncertainty from their business. We drive higher sales and reduce fraud and other operating costs for our merchants and strive to provide superior consumer experiences, as compared to our merchants’ performance prior to onboarding us. Learn more at riskified.com

About Aurus

Now, more than ever, is the time that retailers need a smorgasbord of payment options that would move the consumer demand curve to the right. AurusPay® is a multi-sided payments platform which reduces your PCI scope, and acts as the medium providing seamless operations between payment channels. Everyday, AurusPay® keeps abreast of the latest in paytech and brings that to the SaaS solution in a standard out-of-the-box feature. Scalable, fast and seamless, AurusPay® is home to several Top-100 retailers globally. For more information, visit www.aurusinc.com.

Fairouz Nashef

Source: Riskified Ltd.